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The new Stealth 2.0 Sidemount TEC system does not replace the old stealth about 2.0, but extends the Stealth 2.0 family to another buoyancy chamber with more lift and stability. The proven 16kg-Wingblase which remains in the program will be referred to from now on as a CLASSIC. The Stealth Harness with its ingeniously simple weight system remains the same.

While the familiar Stealth 2.0 bubble with 16kg lift is still the measure of all things in terms of flexibility, provides the double-shelled TEC bubble as many Sidemount divers demanded more buoyancy and the ability to mount the inflator on both sides.

The second major difference to the classic version is the fixed connection to the famous Stealth 2.0 harness. The new TEC-Wingbladder is connected at three points to the xdeep Harness: Above are threaded the Harnessgurte, in the middle provides a wide Velcro to the well-tried system of weights for stability and below the crotch is the bladder firmly screwed (M8 screw).

The central vestibular system can be very easily lead equip with installed buoyancy chamber. For this purpose, it is entirely sufficient to open the middle Velcro fastening the TEC bladder.

Thus the streamlining maintained during that dive, the outer ends of the bladder with Boltsaps be secured to the front waist. Serve the newly developed three-webs with attachment point. So nothing can be uncomfortable pressing the diver's body.

The K-type inflator is adequately dimensioned with 16 inches and can be screwed on the right side if necessary from the left side (standard) easily. The dump is located as usual in the middle bottom of the BCD.

Remained the same is the usual high quality of material xdeep. Cordura 1100 dtex for the outer shell and nylon 440 dtex for the internal bladder promise a long durability of the Wings.

Scope of supply:


  •     Stealth 2.0 Harness complete with crotch strap and weight system in Medium or Large
  •     new TEC buoyancy bag with about 19kg lift and 16 inch Inflator
  •     2x Boltsnap carabiner
  •     a total of approximately 4 meters bungee, 6mm



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Side Mount Stealth TEC 2.0 xDEEP®

Side Mount Stealth TEC 2.0 xDEEP®

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