Boltsnap SMALL ''Cave Cut'' inox 316



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These boltsnaps are not ordinary boltsnaps

they are made with INOX 316 marine grade, and they have the DTD

CAVECUT, the trigger has a kind of straight cut that helps to prevent

any entanglement with cave line possible with other boltsnaps.

D.I.R approved

Small: Stainless-steel bolt-snap for backup torches and small things attaching to a loop in pocket, etc. Length is 75 mm, the eye is 9 mm wide.

Medium: Stainless-steel bolt-snap for pressure gauge, long hose, etc. The eye is 20 mm wide.

Large: Stainless-steel snap for decompression bottles, stages and scooters. The eye is 35 mm wide and it is possible to poke through a finger even in a dry glove.

Stainless steel Marine grade 316.





Les meilleurs mousquetons du marché !
Ils ne se grippent pas, ne se coincent pas et le ressort ne rouille pas.

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Simple et efficace

Que dire de plus ; fabrication de grande qualité et tres agréable a utiliser.
Comme il est dit plus haut ; rien de plus c... q'un moustif encore fat il qu il soit de grande qualité!

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Boltsnap SMALL ''Cave Cut'' inox 316

Boltsnap SMALL ''Cave Cut'' inox 316

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