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  • GRAL MARINE lights

    We are pleased to distribute GRALmarine lights. GRALmarine is a medium sized company based in Poland. They are specialized in High tech products such as R.O.V, Camera housing and Lights. They know what 's waterproof, and lights as they can make booth for -800m depth conditions. We offer LED and HID lights as well as backup and handlights. Apart the video lights which are supplied with a charger only, others are supplied with charger and goodman handle.

    * maximum power with supply advised by producer

    ** light quantity is the maximum according to the LED producer

    *** burning time with an accuracy + / - 15 %

    **** focusing angle given by the optics manufacturer

  • SANTI diving & HALCYON
  • Schulz Tech®

    All under water lamps - made by FWT Schulz - consist of sea-water-resistant aluminium. Deep discharge control is included in all lamps with a rechargeable battery pack - charging is always done without memory effect! FWT Schulz GmbH gives a two-year-warranty of all their dive lights (rechargeable battery packs 1/2 year).

  • Light accessories
  • Sidemount lighting

    Our selection of lights dedicated to Sidemount with a 90° cable connector for an easy routing. Belt or butt mounting.

Showing 1 - 34 of 34 items
Showing 1 - 34 of 34 items